payper click management

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Pay Per Click Management

We control of your campaigns and stretch your budgets and make the most of your PPC. Regardless of whether you're new to PPC and want a whole new campaign, setting up with keyword research. Or if you have existing PPC campaigns running which you feel aren't delivering the results you'd planned on when you started… I can help you!

PPC consulting services are available on an hourly basis or at a set rate. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get more results from your AdWords and other PPC campaigns with less management expense.

Our Services

  • Dedicated PPC Consultant
  • Strategy conceptualization, to planning, to Structuring and to ongoing optimizing
  • Completely Conversant with multiple search engine marketing platforms such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Search, Overture, MSN, ASK ,Miva and Facebook
  • In-depth research and Analysis of the competition and keywords & performance.
  • Implementing the recommendations effectively to get Maximum benefit.
  • Keyword Research and Geo-Targeting
  • Text Ad Optimization

PPC Consultants' Achievements

  • Reduced spending by 33%, while maintaining consistent volume of traffic
  • Reduced CPC by 25% and increased impressions
  • Tripled the click-through rate of an ad group from 2.79% to 7.36% through ad text optimization.
  • Increased Quality Score averages to 7, which provided 43% lower cost per click (CPC) while maintaining conversion volume.

Top FAQ for PPC

  • What is PPC?

  • Pay per click is an acronym for PPC, This is also one kind of internet marketing to get more reputations through search engines and other website by publishing ads.

  • Why we need to approch PPC consultant ?

  • Pay per click managements needs more analytics knowledge with engaged skills about market PPC Consultants always working on analytics approach. If we need good reputations means we need to approach PPC Consultant.

  • Different between PPC and Organic SEO ?

  • In Organic SEO We need maintain patience to get reputation but here in PPC is not like organic SEO you can get guaranteed results.

  • How Does Google AdWords Work?

  • Google AdWords is basically an auction system, where advertisers bid on keywords in order to place their ad in the search results when people search for terms related to those keywords. However, it's an auction where the highest bidder doesn't always win – Google awards higher ad placements to advertisers with high-quality, relevant, well-organized ads and campaigns, not just those that spend the most money.

  • Are results measurable?

  • Both of the major PPC engines offer conversion tracking along with a plethora of other reporting features. E-Power Marketing also recommends using 3rd party reporting software as well.

  • What is the Google Display Network?

  • The Google Display Network is made up of thousands of Web sites ranging from the New York Times to small Web sites that exist only to display Google AdWords advertisements for collecting ad-sharing revenue from Google.

  • Can you set budgets?

  • Both major PPC engines allow you to set budgets. You can set daily budgets and budget limits at the campaign level and at the account level. Currently on Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter there is no minimum budget.

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